Illustration Friday – Experiment #3

Hi folks! Here’s experiment #3 , Coffee Lady!

This is another “deadline” fueled creation. I think I had about an hour total sketch and digital drawing time on this one. Obstacles this time were home duties, putting my daughter to bed, and falling asleep while at it. My wife woke me up with 30 min to go! The topic was “muddy”… and coffee is kind of muddy, isn’t it?

This piece was inspired by my wife’s “commission” request. She found Dirceu Veiga‘s excellent coffee painted works, and asked me if I could do a specific one for her. That’s why I say this was “commission” inspired.  I have to hand it to Dirceu! His works are simply amazing! He actually uses coffee to paint his pieces. Please visit his blog… your eyes will thank you!

As an experiment, this started as a more relaxed time constraint, but ended up about the same when it came to rush-factor. I ended up wanting to do way more to it this time. (I think I will work a version 2 of this with my wife’s pick).

I learned that: 1) GIMP’s ink tool is more fun than its brush (I may be off here, but its my impression, 2) I need to learn to select, use layers, and shortcuts more effectively (very very handy tools), 3) I need to manage my time better (had to leave off the coffee cup handle… oh well),  and 4) I love the feeling when its almost time to finish, and I see how the last minutes make the piece pop!

All in all, a very exciting experiment for me.

This was done for the Escape for Illustration Island’s contest. Great inspiration and the best resource site there is for illustrators and artists!

I really hope you like this… I believe I’ve progressed, even without much practice since my last one. I am going to step up my production after this. I love doing this! The journey continues!

Thanks for visiting! Have a great art day/night, folks!

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  1. It’s looking good, Jose! Coffee Lady a potential idea for a webcomic? 🙂

    • Sounds like a good idea… but its really part practice for a personal “commission” my wife requested. The only type of “spec” work that is sure to pay! 🙂
      Thanks Krishna!

  2. […] She asked that I draw us both lounging inside a giant coffee cup. I practiced and posted “Coffee Lady” as an experiment right here about a year ago. This was probably my first digital piece. I […]

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