Adrift – Illustration Friday #3 – Experiment #5

More content, same time constraint

“Adrift”, my Illustration Friday submission for week #3 of Escape from Illustration Island’s Illo-Friday contest.

Experiment #5 – Another time-constraint experiment. This time, more content. I tackled more elements in the same time. Originally, I wanted to have an ant or a beetle hanging unto a floating seed, but I remembered seeing that idea in a movie, so I decided against it, and at the last minute, added the tiny person hanging for dear life.

I learned some important things here, although most realizations were expected. 1) You can make your piece more complicated, and sacrifice quality, if you plan to finish your work in the same time. 2) I like the ink tool more than the brush tool. Completely forgot about the ink tool, and used the brush for the lines, and the air-brush to color. 3) you can color without using the select tool if you’re careful. 4) You don’t need to be a wiz at layers and selections to put out a piece in a hurry. At the same time, I realize I need to practice and learn to use my GIMP tools better… so I will get a good PS or GIMP book soon. 5) My perspective, and composition need some work, although I know the time constraint made me forget about that aspect of the composition, so it was part of the game. 6) The more complex your comp, the more time you need to plan and execute (duh!) and 7) Yes, this is a bit off on the anatomically correct side (the seeds look like palm tress, and the ant needs a bit of work – more refs next time)

All in all, another good learning experience, and great practice. The personal outcome: I am getting better, even if just a little bit. More challenges are on the horizon.

I hope you liked this, and I thank you for visiting. Have a great art day!

PS – I think I’ll work on some graphics for this blog. This wordpress them is great, but I need to punch it up.

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  1. I just realized… the “hairs” on those floating seeds should bend upwards! Or be straighter… That’s what happens when you bunch together three ideas into the time it takes to render one (for this experiment). You run the risk of forgetting facts like that. Oh well… part of the experiment experience. Onwards.

  2. yikes!

    I think it works great..I agree about the ‘hair’ direction physically but I think it adds to the dread to have them down.

    • Thanks so much, Elaine! That would be what you call a “Happy Mistake” then! 🙂
      I’d be scared of the huge ant if I were that size… so dread fits well.
      Exploring and discovering what I can do… even if I don’t know while I’m doing it.
      It’s a very exciting journey for me.

  3. Lovely idea, nice work!

    • I am honored, Ben. You’ve done some awesome work!

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