Fangy, Comic-storyboard Improv-Experiment Zero

Here’s a weird story about my first adult days of learning to draw. For your reading and time management convenience, this next paragraph goes to the point. Spoilers!

Meet Fangy!  He came into being in a very strange way. An illustration attempt morphed through father-daughter art time into storyboard-comic page. Done on tracing paper, with pencil, and cheap children’s watercolors. Here’s the storyboard. And here’s the slide show.

A BIG Thanks to my friends!  I’d like to give a shout out to Ted Seko, comics creator extraordinaire. I didn’t realize I was storyboarding. The outcome reminds me a little of his awesome work, and I did not know of him at the time. Watching his comics making videos triggered this post. Thanks Ted! I also want to thank Mark Rudolph and Jerzy Drozd of Art & Story for the invaluable high-level comics education and inspiration.

The “making of” Fangy.  The following description serves to document this adventure in art.  You may find it interesting.

I started re-learning to draw last year, when I found myself in physical therapy for a back spasm that put me in bed for 2 weeks. My head full of Art & Story podcasts, and grateful for the therapy relief , I wanted to re-do one of the therapy center’s ergonomics fact sheets. There were 8 different positions on one page. I used  tracing paper to block out the figures. While thinking of my next step, my daughter brought her children’s water colors, and asked me to join in. I decided to have fun, planning to repeat my 1st step later. Still thinking about comics, with a messy daughter next to me, I made a rough set of panels, warping the paper with watercolors, and kids brushes. I ended up with this crazy painting that looks like a comic and storyboard hybrid. The poses still look like ergonomic figures.

You can always read the “story” in this slide show.  I improvised the tale, but it will change on a future re-make.  There is no lettering because I didn’t plan for speech bubbles. That’s a classic mistake, but here goes.

This will be followed by a re-do in the coming months, in a cleaner, and more rendered style. A world will be created to support a story worth telling. This is what I get for listening to Art & Story so much. Thanks Jerzy and Mark.

I hope you liked it. I really appreciate your visit. It will knock my socks off if you leave a comment, negative or positive. I prefer constructive crits, but every reaction is valid, if it is sincere. This was fun to do!

Lessons learned: Creating comics seems to be addictive, and learning WordPress in a rush can surprise you, even if you consider yourself a web-page savvy person.

Have a great art day!

PS – Muahahahah!!! just added that in because I really feel like a mad scientist!

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  1. These are very very cool! There is so much fun and energy in those drawings! I TOTALLY DIG ‘EM!

    • Thanks Jim! It sure was fun. Maybe inherited the energy from the “under” poses of the ergonomic fact sheet… stick-men… ugly original. My daughter had to do with the mood because she was painting next to me. Fun times.

  2. Wow Jose! Very Very… Very cool! I can see your passion in the work, I really love the color and boldness! Great piece in the puzzle that is your Art, Man! I really like how you experimented and then found you were making a sequential piece…Thanks for the shout out and I’m glad you dug my vids too!

    • Thanks so much, Ted. Your comment is worth a million!
      Storyboarding is something I had tried a long time before, again, without noticing all the planning involved. I was trying to write up for a flash animation years ago. This Fangy thing was last year, before knowing of your style. I had planned to make something of it because it begged more work, hanging on my wall. But when I saw the ease with with you laid down a story, and the style you bring to it, I immediately identified where this was going. Thanks man!

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