Miki’s mug – brushpen experiment

This here on the left is my brother-in-law.  He’s a great guy!  He goes by “Miki”.  I told him I’d draw him, just because he’s so nice all the time.  That was some time ago, when I barely sketched him at a family thing.  He did not sit still for long.

Wanting to  break in a new set of  brushpens (FC “PITT”), I had a go at Miki’s mug.  This time I didn’t draw with pencil.  I just hit the paper with the brushpen to see what gives.  A very nice feel, though I sorely need some ink-line schooling!  Went off model here, on the right, but it was in fun.

Then, I decided to take the first sketch, scan it, blow it up to a regular page size, do that magic blue ink thing those inking fellows do, and try working off of my own blue-line sketch!  I figure I could try a real hair brushlater, and cut loose with the brushpens.  So now, with final product in mind (it was a promise), I show you my first inked piece, created on purpose, and for someone.  What a concept.  (Kind of cartoony, but I like it).

Learned a bit of handling the brushpens.  Also a bit about NOT over-working your stuff (ugh).  I learned that brushpens go where I go from now on.  Learned to get used to a semi-serious production schedule per piece… nothing written, just imagined.  Now… off to think of my next experiment.  Thanks for stopping by, and have a great art day/night!

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  1. I really like these. The bottom one is my favorite. I also like that you can see the blueline drawing coming through. Glad to see more experiments.


    • Thanks, Thomas! My first blue-lines were all over the place because they were the actual first sketch converted to light blue. Next time, I’ll try to make the blue lines manually. Got the pencils, so I have to do the full experiment, following traditional process (well… maybe without the lightbox for now). Finding I love ink, and having fun trying to wrestle control over where it goes. Will keep sharing these. Still have to see how my brother-in-law reacts! I have to actually hand him the piece to get a real reaction.

  2. Another solution than using blue-lines is to use graphite paper for transferring an outline. You can even design on the computer, print it out, and transfer on a white sheet of paper, using the graphite paper.

    Use a different color than the color of the original to trace the drawing, so you can easily see what has been traced and what not. You also want to use adhesive tape to avoid any sliding.

    This way you can use the best lines in a rough sketch as the basis of a brand new drawing without a light box.

    • Thanks Rene! That sounds like a little experiment on its own. I’ll get some graphite paper to play with.

  3. Very Nice Dude!
    Remember, don’t hold the brushpen too tightly,
    Take a breath, see the ink line in your mind and only then make your mark in one smooth motion using your whole arm to draw! Lather rinse repeat!

    Great stuff man. Keep it up!

    • Thanks, Raul! I literally “heard” you say that with Jedi delivery! Wise advise. I did get scratchy using the brushpen at times, mostly playing around. Really enjoying the process. Can’t wait for the next one. (probably use real blue-line, and confine any scratchy tendencies to that stage).

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