Subterranean – IF

Hi folks!  This is an under-the-gun submission to Illustration Friday.  So my meager offering sits on a post-it sticky note (green).  I used one of “General’s” small pastel pencil sets a friend of the family left behind.  Quite different than using pastel sticks, of course.

Here I go again, fitting the theme to what came out!  It was meant to be a mole (therefore subterranean) on its day out for a little sun.  It looks creepy.  I like the happy mistake of the eyes (first meant to be spectacle covered).  But my favorite thing was how the color of the background played.  The poor guy is a bit dark, which lends to the subterranean feel, but doesn’t let me know its a mole… more like a weird owl.

Here’s proof that it was going to be a mole.  Have a look at my sketchbook page (below), on which you will see my reference practice moles, and one little homely mole (signed) that was original.  I liked the way that down-to-earth mole lookd.  Also, the realistic, chubbier looking one above could be cartoonized pretty easily.

A friend of mine suggested a mole on a motorcycle barreling down a mole tunnel, but I got lost getting some anatomy down.  The motorcycle was going to look like the ones I drew beside drag racing cars all over notebooks in elementary school.  (Actually, most of the content of my sketchooks look like a highschool notebook as well).

So, there you have it.  That beastie in green looks good to me, whatever it turns out to be… is that a “bugbear”? .. well… it looks like it belongs underground, or just should be buried?

Lessons?  Pastel pencils are better to handle than pastel sticks.  I keep drawing small.  Post-it sticky notes are the bomb (also good to work on storyboards, and to make flip-books).  Many different mediums come in pencil form.  I must expand my knowledge of that fact.

Thanks for visiting.  Have a great art day/night!

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