Creator’s Advice – Ted and Jim

Here’s a thanks tribute to Ted Seko and Jim Lujan.

Ted interviewed Jim on the IDiot Engine podcast ( some months ago. At one point, they posed this question: “If you were on a sinking ship, what would be the one advice you would give creators?” I could be paraphrasing here, but it was enough to give me this mental image, at which I had to laugh out loud while listening to the podcast on my daily commute. The interview was so inspiring that I made my mind up to draw something. I had sketches ready, but I meant to paint it digitally. At the time, my hardware and software was sub-par (lacking a tablet as well).  It was just recently that I acquired the tools, and well, here we are, months later. Ted and Jim have always provided great content, and advice, and they continue to do that. I heartily suggest you listen to the IDiot Engine podcast, and the Ghettomation podcast. These guys rock!  Oh yeah… Ted is hanging precariously, and Jim is trying to pull him up and away from that toony shark.

As for the piece, I used 5 sketched components, scanned, and used as guides to draw on the tablet.  I re-sized, to match “scales”, and did some painting.  I know its not perfect, as digital drawing and painting goes, but the goal here was to put out the piece before getting super precious on each and every part.  It was fun to get back on the tablet, and it actually felt a bit more normal to draw with it.  (I meant to submit this to Illustration Friday, but once again, time and “getting into it” conspired against a tight schedule).

Thanks to Ted and Jim for the inspiration.  I’ve got another experiment coming up before this weekend ends, so stay tuned.

Thanks for visiting, please leave a comment, or just say hi!  Take good care, keep creating, and have a great art day/night.

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  1. Really cool!! Love the idea and looks great!

    • Thanks so much, Laura. I wish I had more time to do these things. I really enjoyed getting it together.

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