Trying to use a sketchbook like a camera.

I just got back from a week’s vacation at Disney World.  The fun and inspiration greatly out-weight the walking and standing in line.  I thought I’d try to use a sketchbook like a camera.  Sketching time would be constrained by many distractions, and I expected roughs, but I was in the mood to experiment.

I used a mini-sketchbook that my wife gave me some months ago.  Most sketches were under a minute while slowly walking in queues, or sitting for a bit, waiting for the family to decide what to do next.  Others were done while waiting for a table, under calmer circumstances.  It was fun, and I ended up with images of memories that will be treasured.

I posted a few here, but the rest can be seen in this FLICKR SLIDESHOW, which I recommend to view with the descriptions option on.  But I think its better to view the SET at your own pace.  Stories of each sketch are included in the flickr posts.

I hope you enjoy these rough little images.  My take on this experiment: You loosen up your sketching muscles under not-so-ideal settings.  Using a sketchbook like a camera is a hard proposition, but it stretches your capacity just like exercise!

Oh yeah… I thought I would draw Mickey Mouse, but the thought of seeing Muppets at a Disney attraction was so different, that I chose the little green guy.  After all, not all great characters come from Disney. (This one was done at the Hollywood Studios’ Muppets 3D attraction.  I liked it when it was still MGM.  Not that I don’t like it now, but too much exposure too Disney characters can be weird, especially when I see cute Disney cartoons depicted a-la Star Wars.  I didn’t digest that fact too well.  I guess the Disney-ing of Marvel is next, eh?  Remember that times change, but inspiration can be found anywhere.

Thanks for visiting, and have a great art day/night!

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  1. I commented on your Flickr set, which I entirely enjoyed. You need to do more of this, because you clearly have enough skills to do great en-plein-air sketching with some more practice.

    • I am realizing how much I enjoy sketching in public. I have a little story about talking with a caricature artist while she worked on a nice piece on my daughter. So interesting to get their point of view. Will post on that soon. Glad you liked it, man! Thanks!

  2. That’s so true!! I’ll try to do this the next time. Usually I draw people while on the train, animals or anything that happens around me, but buildings… I’ll have a try!

    • Yep… but draw anything as long as you draw, and often. I am preaching, but I have periods of no drawing myself. One thing about buildings… they stay still LOL! I guess you have to catch the moment (like a camera?)… oh well… that may be an analogy that helps. Thanks for commenting, Laura!

  3. Yea Jose! Better than a camera! This is one thing I need to do a lot more of. Your right, buildings are great subjects, holding still for so long, well most of them do anyway. :o)
    Hope you have even more to share. So glad you had a good time!

    • Thanks Sam… I’ll try to share more sketches… I think I got over the shy factor of the rawness of sketches some time ago… and I know I like to see unfinished work… it shows construction technique, and image potentials. I’m making some time for the GNN this weekend… promise to visit… and catch up with the awesome bunch! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Heeeeeey there! Don’t you just love it to get sketchbooks and new pens or pencils!

    I loved to see these sketches! I will check your Flickr stream too. I will try to draw more outside and not really paying attention to the people…okay well I will pay attention, because I need to draw. BUT you’re very right when you said that you can get to know other people, other artists! I think that’s what will help me to get over it, because I love to meet new artists!


    • You bet. I don’t mind on drawing on regular paper, but something about the “tooth” on sketchbook paper makes it special. Having a number of sketchbooks it makes it just a little difficult to find things you’ve drawn before, but I can just grab one, wherever I find it, and go. Time is a factor. My daughter asks me, “why are you always drawing?”, meaning spend time with me, so I do, and having one of the sketchbooks nearby increases the chance of art time, as well as give her space to draw on, which I don’t mind at all. Always carrying a sketchbook is great for when you have to wait for something too.
      Glad you like this crazy laboratory. It won’t always be pencil and paper, you know.
      Thanks for visiting!

  5. Love, love, love this! Great idea. And I love me some Walt Disney World. What a great way to save your memories.

    • I see you are a big Disney fan. I think you’ll want to see my next post then. A little story to tell about the Animation exhibit at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM).
      Great designs on your blog. Honored to have you visit.
      Thanks so much for your kind words.

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