Painted Stones – family art time

Here’s some family fun I had saved to post on a day like this, when not much serious art activity is ready for a post.  It can be considered an art-related experiment after all.  Recent art time with my daughter found us painting rocks!  She has a fascination with collecting rocks, so we got her a “rock painting kit” on sale.  I still felt “taken” when I bought it.  It reminded me of the famous “pet rock” of the 70s.  It was fun, and even my wife got in the action, so its purpose achieved.  On to the little paperweight collection now! (trying out WordPress’ nifty slideshow function).

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Nothing too fancy. I think these were acrylic paints. My daughter painted the un-smiley face (she’s a joker at heart), the red-eye bug, and the tri-color rock. My wife contributed with a nice whale (surprised me), and I painted the screaming white ghoul, the oddly-shaped ladybug, and the white-blue face/mask thing, which reminded me of a good friend’s art style for some reason.

Something to learn from the “rock painting” experiment, you say?  Yes.  You can find rocks in your yard, and use old paint.  Don’t pay a well-known bookstore chain for reminding you how someone else came up with the idea to sell rocks and paint in a kit.  Makes me want to open a shack and sell lucky painted stones.

Hope you enjoyed these images.  It’s an inexpensive activity to share with the family. We really had fun.  Now, what do I do with these?

Any questions, or comments, please feel free.  I really appreciate your visit.  Have a great art day/night!

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  1. Hi Jose,
    O I totally know what that feels like
    workin/learning by yourself
    (i’m from New Zealand, and I sometimes wonder how I’m supposed to go about things~ art and jobwise)
    I’m sure we’ll both get there in the end 🙂
    keep at it!

    • I’m going “by ear”, improvising as I learn. My art activities don’t get too serious (example on this post). Letting life teach, as I go along. Sometimes wanting to take a course, but time being an obstacle, can frustrate. One thing, I let ideas flow, and see where they take me at their own pace. It’s a journey, and yes… we will all get there. Enjoying the trip, whether it goes fast or slow. Remembering to stop, look, and appreciate.
      Thanks for stopping by. Hearing from other artists is invaluable. Best of luck with your beautiful work!

  2. That’s amazing!! I love painted stones, I used to paint them and sell them too hehehe. Really good memories with this post!!!

  3. Glad to trigger memories. This was fun, but now I have these paperweights on my desk. Stuff accumulates. I’m sure they’ll find a home… hmm… office! 🙂

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