Cocoon – Mutant Penbrush Experiment

I thought my previous method of rushing through a pen brush sketch was good exercise, but this is a failed experiment.  I should have left it colorless, but at the lab, all experiments shall be documented.

Illustration Friday’s topic was Cocoon this week. Butterflies? Nah!  Kind of weird theme, but it looked good when it was just inked with black micron. Then came the color brush pen, ugh! I should have left it alone.  I royally screwed “not half bad” sketch.

So here it is. A freaky, weird creation, in the mad scientist vein.  I’d say, hope you like it, but I understand it is not pretty to look at.  A few lessons for me: (1) Don’t over work it, (2) wait until you have some more colors, and (3) take your time and practice!

Have a great art time (if you can after looking at this)!

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  1. If I have learned one thing from my art experiments over the years is that you should never judge your own work after you’ve made it. It is hard to create enough distance when you’re still so attached to your artwork. And yes, disgust is a kind of attachment too, even it doesn’t feel like an attachment.

    In my experience, it works best to put aside work you think has failed, and only look for the parts you’re proud of. Then, after many months, look at the work again, now with less prejudiced eyes. You might like the idea you wanted express, and now have better means to visualize that idea.

    Nothing ever has to go to waste. There’s always some value you can get out of what you have made, but didn’t live up to your high standards at the time. And even if it’s worthless, you can always use the back of the drawing to draw something else.

    • Thanks Rene! You know what they say… you are your own worst critic. I know I may sound harsh on myself, but its in fun. I liked the overall result, and the fun I had doing it. It may be a shame that I didn’t like my last step, but I don’t give it that much thought… as you say, as time goes by, you see it in a better light, and learn from it.
      I like your last resort option… to draw on the other side of the page! LOL!!!

  2. On the other hand… I’d say it’s important to recognize something as an undesired result (or, mistake); if you can’t recognize that, you’re not going to learn from it.

    Have to say, I find your honest approach and attitude refreshing. Wish I was willing to put my “missteps” out there!

    One other note: have you tried the Micron Brush pens? Awesome, nice variation to the line weight.

    • Thanks AG! Since its in the “LAB” spirit, I’m willing to show missteps, and yes… learn from them. I’ve taken this art thing to heart, and its been affecting most of the other aspects in my life as well. So its a trip, and a dance, and I do step on toes, and trip. And enjoy it, most of all. And I really like comments like this… they serve as inspiration and fuel.
      The Micron-like pen I had this time was a PITT Brush (Faber Castell) really fine one. But I hear so much from others about real Micron brand pens, that I’ll have to try them some time. Thanks for visiting, and your kind comment!

  3. Freaky! And great.

    • Thanks Eric! I’ve got more creepy freaky stuff in my mind too, but I let topics hit me while I explore different approaches to expression… techniques, etc. Not too structured at all. Whatever comes to mind, usually. Floating and searching for things I’ve never drawn.. which at this stage, is mostly everything! 🙂
      Thanks for visiting!

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