Equipment – Illustration Friday

Here’s my Illustration Friday submission for last week, in time!  I call it “Hot Rod Brush”. The topic was “Equipment”.  I asked friends for suggestions, and as I did, I came up with my own “equipment” topic for each of my friends, according to what I knew that they liked. So I picked mine! I didn’t want to just pick an art tool, and the word equipment also brought thoughts of engines. It clicked. A “tricked up” artist’s brush came to mind, and the rest was history. Not wanting to spend too much time on a piece, so I could make the deadline, I proceeded to practice on a few roughs in pencil. They don’t come too close to the final product, so I didn’t bother scanning them. Drawing straight on the tablet, I fashioned the brush, then the engine. My digital drawing and painting skills leave a lot to be desired, but I managed to fight with layers, and selections, enough to get a clean-looking coloring job.  It still looked too plain, so I added the hot rod flames, which gave me a bit of trouble when I didn’t save the file before bringing in a background texture file. That was a lesson that I knew and had  forgotten. So, getting over the loss of an hour’s work, I re-did the flames, getting a better version of them in the process.  I had thought about drawing in a garage-style background, but there was no time, so I imported a canvas texture, and scaled it, just so it wouldn’t look too plain.

So there you have it. Ready to race the quarter page brush stroke. What did I learn? I need to practice digital drawing and painting more frequently, and learn those techniques I see my colleagues use so much. Layers and selection, well done, will speed up my process. Also, I was using the stylus like a pencil, scratching away, instead of stroking elegant lines, depending on brush settings, etc.  I’ll get it some day, but this was good exercise on the tablet, and I intend to master it, sooner or later.  I still have real paper and ink to play with, which gives me a good final product feeling, every time.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my hot rod brush. Remember you can make any topic your own. Thanks for dropping by, and have a great art time!

P.S. – Shot one of the roughs on the mini sketchbook, including background garage that never made it to the final version.  (it was shot with a cell phone camera, so pardon the quality)

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  1. I think you would find your artwork kind of messy if you fired that up! 🙂

    • I think one would run out of paint quick, while choking on the fumes… I guess an alternative brush would have pedals, and a built-in paint well… then… it wouldn’t be a “hot rod”.
      Thanks for the visit!

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