Early – Illustration Friday

This is my Illustration Friday submission for “Early”. A digital cartoon piece.  As with most of my IF submissions, I’ve taken the digital route. I’ve also taken up too much to do, but with focus in quantity with the purpose of practice and exploration.

As I was searching for a mental image, watching “Charlie and  the Chocolate Factory” with my daughter, the obvious idea came to mind.

To rush the piece, I forsake good composition, and piled up things as they popped into my head. The bricks/stones were a time sink, but made for good practice. I scanned my pencil version, and traced/drew over it, changing elements as I went along. The scratchy nature of the lines is still there, but I like it.

I realized the nib was worn to a chisel point, so my good friend Krishna Sadasivam, creator of PC Weenies, came to the rescue when I asked for advice. I changed the nib, and adjusted the pressure settings. I mentioned how awkward it felt to draw with the tablet, and another good friend, Raymond Bonilla (awesome artist), suggested I trick myself by placing a sheet of paper over the tablet. The psychological effect helped a lot! Thanks Ray!

Layer and selection management using GIMP took me for a ride. Notice tell-tale signs of wayward pixels, and weird transparency/opacity play between lines and colors. This meant more time fixing things by hand. I will learn the necessary time-saving techniques eventually.

Coloring was fun. It took time to gain some measure of control, making up digital technique as I went along. In the end, drawing and coloring was the most enjoyable part for me.

I hope you like this piece… the fun image will at least make you smile.  I really liked getting digital, and hope to get better and faster in the future.  I also enjoyed learning a bit more about the tablet. Can’t wait for my next digital experiment.

Comments and discussion, as always, are very welcome.  Thanks for visiting, and have a great art time!

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  1. That’s so cute!! Love the expression of both characters.

  2. Thanks so much Laura. Promise I will focus more on characters next time. Goofy looks eh?

  3. Hey Jose, Looking a ton better man! Thanks for the shout out and glad the “trick” worked for ya!

    • Hey.. great to see you dropping by. Silly me… forgot to tell you about mentioning you here! Thanks for the idea… it kind of made it more comfortable. I don’t know, but I’m still treating it like a pencil, or brush.. physically… you know… pencil pressure… the paper texture helps ease in the transition.
      Thanks for dropping by!

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