Brave and Fearless

Time conspires, but one must conquer.  This piece did not make the Illustration Friday deadline. This sketch of a heavy-set person walking with a swagger was a rough for a submission some weeks ago. I could have used “Brave” as well as “Fearless” topics. Yes, there were two opportunities to submit this piece, and I missed them both!.  Actually, I like the sketch better than my digital version. That’s the reason I pushed myself to write this post.  Like with most work, hand-made always has character, and I’m afraid I’ll always prefer sketches.

This guy, fearlessly walks into his old high school, conquering his fears.  As you can see, I’ve added a few elements to bring the point home, but I hope the swagger tells it all. The lady kind of gasps when she realizes he’s an old schoolmate, and the rest of the elements (locker, sign, and “Hello my name is” sticker) are there just to confirm where he is.

I used GIMP to draw like I was using a pencil. First, the guy himself, then the other elements. I used the extended sessions to work on digital drawing and painting skills, such as selection, layers, and painting with brush, and airbrush tools.  Colors were fun to do, settling on using the filler, and airbrush, with my daughter’s help for color selection. I actually printed a line art version of it to have her color it with her suggestions. She’s good, isn’t she?  She’s a trooper.

This is the first time I use so many colors, so I take it as a big learning experience. In my bigger art scope, I’m focusing on learning to draw first, and these forays into other techniques give me perspective and insight to use in the basic construction phase for any of my pieces. Planning ahead and early design decisions are something one does either intuitively, or from experience. I’m trying to keep things in mind early in the drawing process. For example, composition in this piece was really an afterthought.. it was pure improvisation. Imagine how it will be when I start storyboarding for comics, or what-have-you… it’s going to be an improv party. In a small way, the composition (or blocking) of my elements here helps me prepare for bigger things. I’m really fascinated with the creative process, and can’t wait to reach the next level, and dive in without fear! 🙂

This was great digital practice. Next time, I’ll do something simpler, and concentrate on a specific aspect of a piece.  Who knows. After all, this is a laboratory.

Thanks for visiting, and have a great art time!

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  1. This is really a step up in storytelling, Jose. I guess I’ll have to reconsider IF, seeing your progress in what an illustration has to say. I first thought it was a frivolous thing, but not anymore.

    • Hey! Thanks Rene! I didn’t expect a comment on the story-telling angle. In the same way I’m using Illustration Friday as a “timed-trigger” for self imposed art experiments, more or less, I’m trying to tell a story each time. I can try to tell the story of the process of making the piece, which is what I always want to do when it calls for explanations, with the goal of self examination, but the embedded micro-story of the high-school reunion was really a by-product of the sketch itself. IF provides the topic, and one can build a story around it if there is enough inspiration. It’s a great idea. I’ll try to use it that way too. Thanks so much for pointing that out! Experiments do have unexpected results, after all! I will keep this angle in mind from now on! Thanks for dropping by. Your comment is extremely valuable!

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