Slither – Illustration Friday digital painting

Illustration Friday’s topic this week was “Slither”. I thought and thought about what to draw, but I had it almost ready, all along. Before I had the drawing tablet, I had tried drawing and painting digitally, using a mouse.After all, lots of digital artists started that way. The previous digital painting was almost complete, save for a good background, and some texture, not to mention the jagged lines all over the place. (You have to click on the image on the right to see the rough lines and textures).

Click on the image so you can see the difference in the lines. It is hard to appreciate it at this post’s resolution.  This time, I took this opportunity to get “painterly”. I played around with the “smudge” tool in GIMP, after painting some more of the shapes, and giving the lizard some more shading. It was a labor of love to smooth out the jagged lines, but I experimented dropping some colors to blend in with the smudge tool, and creating some more mood with shade, and color. I can see why some artists like this tool… it lets you blend color like a real brush.

I hope you liked this. I learned a little about an aspect of digital painting I had not seriously tried before. I’d like to thank Thomas James of Escape from Illustration Island for the digital painting tips, and Chris Oatley, of Chris Oatley’s Artcast for the great custom brushes. I used a “grass” brush to create the leaves in the background. Those brushes deserve many painting experiments in the future, they are works of art all by themselves, and you can create magic with them.

Please feel free to comment, and/or ask questions. If you have any suggestions for further experiments, I’d love to hear from you.  Thanks for dropping by, and have a great art time!

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  1. Cool! I love brushes and I use them once in a while. I base my work on textures mainly, but yours is impressive!

    • Wow! Thanks Laura! The only special brush I got to use was the grass brush for the background. Chris Oatley’s custom brushes are awesome, and they deserve lots of exploring. It’s probably just the second time I try them out. The lizard and tree were done with a combo of regular brush, airbrush, smudge tool, and eraser. I kind of got the feel of what real digital painting is like. As I get my feet wet with other tools, it will continue to be discovery time for me.
      Thanks so much for your great comment… made my day!

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