Satellite – Illustration Friday

Here’s a last minute submission to Illustration Friday, for this week’s topic: Satellite. “Run for your lives!”

This is watercolor pencil, on watercolor paper, lined and detailed with black micron pen.  I kind of cheated the Illustration Friday spirit because I added the satellites just to make it fit the topic.  However, it does fit the scene, doesn’t it? The robot was originally in that “freaking out” state, and I originally planned to give it an energetic background, as a mood accent.

I wasn’t going to submit a piece to IF because that night I had to run errands until late, and thought I didn’t have time to create a piece from scratch for “Satellite”.  Many ideas went through my head, and they kept popping up as I completed my night’s family duties, going to the store, etc.  Feeling I was letting myself down, I spotted my half-finished robot piece, and I saw satellites falling from the sky towards the robot. The rest is history.  If you’re a space fan, you may recognize “Sputnik” on the right. The other satellite is roughly modeled after generic communications satellites of the early space age (sans dish, and antennae, but they were probably burnt off during re-entry… right).  The robot itself is really practice for character creation in preparation to write and draw a children’s story.

The art process follows the same lines as my previous blog entry. More watercolor pencil brushing, and pen inking.  If you have any questions or comments, even requests, please feel free to sound out.

As always, I hope you enjoy it, and wish you all an enjoyable, creative, and productive art time.

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