Diary – Illustration Friday

A quick digital piece for Illustration Friday. The topic: Diary. I had no idea what to draw, and asked my daughter for help. She offered one of her stuffed toys as a model. I didn’t exactly draw her choice, but I used it as a vague reference. The rest of the idea kind of popped into my mind, as I pictured the scenes. Here’s the quick digital piece, done in a hurry.  Obviously children oriented, a little girl surprised to find her stuffed toy reading her diary.

Here’s a quick sketch I used to get in the mood. The girl’s face is much better than its digital version. Something weird about this. That girl took almost no time to draw, yet it came out great. It has got character/expression. My digital version is kind of cold.  I think there is a “zone” you get into, or you “let go” and the hand draw what’s inside. I’m beginning to see a common denominator. Drawing pros usually work fast, at least in front of an audience. And their lines are smooth, and confident, virtually no scratchiness to be seen. When I shared this on Twitter, a good friend reminded me of the “force” on Star Wars. “Trust your feelings” and let go.  Thanks again Raul (@Raul_Aguirre_Jr). He used the proton torpedo run on the Death Star, in the first Star Wars movie, as an analogy. Where Luke, shoots the last torpedo, ignoring the targeting computer, using the “Force” (trusting his feelings). I’m going to try and capture that feeling next time. I’m sure the pros do it all the time. I just know it. I hope you liked this one. I promise to get more experimental with my next posts.  And don’t forget to visit my new Impulsive Sketch Journal site, where I post sketches from everyday drawing, sometimes funny, sometimes doodley, but I hope, always interesting.  Thanks for dropping by, and have a great art time!

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  1. I not only like it, I love it.

    • Thanks Rene. Pieces like this remind me, when comparing to the girl’s face on the pencil sketch, how much tablet practice I need. Got to work on “flow” with the stylus. Glad you liked it!

  2. Hehehe, I think it’s genius! Love the expression of the girl!

    • LOL Thanks Laura! – My daughter got a kick from it. It was good digital speed-practice last night too. Thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate your visits.

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