Double – Illustration Friday

I call it Double Trouble.  The Illustration Friday topic, “Double”, inspired a quick and simple digital piece in record process time.  My experiment focuses on content delivered fast.  A rough simulation for the in-house artist’s environment.

“Double” evoked mirrors, bubble gum twins, tandem bicycles, and nothing too exciting.  I wanted to be original,  using what I knew I could do fast. I picked the idea of twins to hook to the topic, and put them in a situation the viewer would recognize and sympathize with. Twins arguing causing trouble.

Drawing people would take time I didn’t have, so I used robots. I took advantage of faces, and limbs to convey expression. Robots are easy to draw, and face it, a ball with eyes can be a robot. So we have fighting twins, and frustrated parent.

You must have noticed some pencil sketches showing pre-visualization images.  And a couple of digital versions of  under drawing, and under painting. This is the first time I save these steps. exploring how to show some process steps.

So there you have it. The final piece. Fairly simple looking because in the end, there was little time to get precious with details and stylings. I suppose that’s what its like for some in-house artists. Thanks for visiting, and remember to have a great art time!

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  1. Genius!
    Definitely love the expressions and it’s a really nice approach!

    • Awww. Thank you Laura. Had to try for content in a hurry. I suppose its a situation that many have to face, and I thought I’d grab the chance to practice. I’ll be updating it with some process information, and images. I do love to take my time, but producing in a rush is invigorating, and may let you see aspects you haven’t thought of before. For example, focusing on expressions was a highlight during the process. More on that later. Thanks for dropping by as always. You rock! Jose

  2. You are an inspiration. Way to dive in and stay committed, Jose!

    • Thanks, Chris! Inspiration courtesy of ArtCast and friends!

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