Coffee Shop Sketching Session

I finally sketched at a coffee shop. The artist thing to do. My wife had shopping to do with my daughter. She asked if I’d like drawing at the bookstore coffee shop while she took care of things. She’s heaven-sent. An angel, I tell you!

I had always wanted to draw strangers at a coffee shop. The place was packed. There were people playing chess with onlookers around them. lots of shopping families, a couple of study groups, and folks on free wi-fi.

I drew a cell phone playing student that sat cross-legged by the window that would not stop moving. A mother, daughter, and baby trio, but baby was hard to see. Cell phone girl again. The lady with the hair on the right was younger than I drew her. My favorite, the girl’s face, the first image. I felt the flow in my drawing there. My  wife says the face looks “meaty”. And then, there’s a cartoon-like face, and a lady reading.  From the chess player area, there’s a standing spectator with head low, and an older one’s head from the rear. I drew a couple more faces. The last one of a girl, busy talking and looking at her boyfriend, so much it gave me a chance to draw eyes.

Funny how drawing feels like something you barely control, and it works like magic under the right circumstances. I thing confidence brings that on. I felt confident drawing in front of strangers, and could swear I felt a little magic at one point.

Someone talked with about drawing while eating his personal bookstore coffee shop pizza in four bites (or less?). “Drawing hands is difficult”. He also said his sister used to draw. Uncomfortable about the sister topic, but it’s probably normal for artists to hear things like this. Maybe I should have drawn him and his pizza.

Spent over a good hour drawing. During that time, my chair got pushed a few times, and folks spoke too loudly. Not the best drawing atmosphere, But it was busy enough for people to leave you alone. I suppose I should scope a place more before doing this again.

I haven’t re-worked any of these sketches, and I don’t think I will. But I’ll repeat these public sessions, they seem to stretch my senses in a drawing way.

Hope you enjoyed the detail and wanderings, but most of all, the sketches. Have a great art time!

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  1. Great post. I felt like I was there in the coffee shop seeing the whole thing. I love drawing out in public even though sometimes I still get shy and have to build up the courage to just do it. I totally get the magic part too. Great work Jose would love to see another batch of sketches in the future. Thanks for sharing and also it was really neat to hear you and Raul on Man vs. Art. ^-^

  2. good for you man… i had an opportunity to do this yesterday at the hospital… but i had a monster headache and all i could get out was the inking on that “Monsters Are Go” piece… I really regret that i wasnt able to sieze more of yesterday for drawing… but theres allways today… i really want to get into the habit of drawing everyday…

    • Go for it, man! It just takes adjustment. “Hey, who’s that guy with the sketchpad!?” Always have it at hand, you never know when conditions to draw will be good. (It’s a bit like surfing that way LOL). This is one of my favorite things to do, and I’m pretty sure its going to happen this weekend again. Thanks for your visit!

  3. no problemo man i love talking with you and seeing your progress!

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