Artificial – Illustration Friday

I had a few ideas before settling on this one, but the robots and the clock forced me to decided. Goal: Digital practice, speed, and process search. Experiment: Searching for a Quicker Digital Process (without having one).

I practiced a some shapes and compositions on sketchbook hitting the stylus. My first layer of roughs became the line layer. Used the paint bucket on selected areas for the next layer. I shaded with only up to 2 colors. Since this was to be posted quickly, I hit the background with creative brush usage. And that’s it! It took an  hour or less. I’ll time it when I’m not improvising too much of the process.

There you have it. Happy with the shapes and the color balance. Also happy it made it to IF in time. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think, or tell me a story in the comments section. I love stories.  Have a great art time!

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  1. Looks good, Jose! Good underlying form in the robot character!

    • Thanks, Krishna! Trying to see the basics beyond getting precious and rendering everything. Exploring process a bit too. Great to have your feedback, man! Jose

  2. Hi there!! I like the expression of the robot! He kinda looks like ‘Is there really a chicken in my stomach…” Hehe. I’m thinking to also start with IF, but need to get a few things organized first! I love to read about the process behind the image! Really cool!

    Take care!

    • Thanks, TJ! I really appreciate your comment! Everything has a story, and it helps me to learn while I tell them. Thanks so much for dropping by!

  3. looks like a good excercise man!

    • It was. I’m trying to adapt to drawing digitally, and there’s so many “processes” to explore – I think everyone has a different one. Thanks for dropping by, dude!

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