Coffee Shop Sketching 2

Coffee shop sketching again. Same bookstore chain, different location (rhymes with “hoarders”). Bigger place, but all tables taken. Had approximately half the time to draw as I did on my first expedition, but I got a good variety in these two sketchbook pages.

Starting on the 1st page, center figure. Sitting lady changed expression halfway through. I don’t care, I’ll draw her different body-language.  Who reads a “coffee table” book at the coffee shop?  Should have captured essentials first.  Difficult to predict these “models”.   Moving along, at the top left, a lady sitting at the exterior “cafe” tables, looking away.  Top right, a short-lived expression.  Right middle, young girl, head down tending her mobile. And at the bottom, the “coffee table book” reading lady’s companion.  They looked happy about what they were doing. He was perched on his chair, leaned towards his laptop screen, staying still enough to draw.

Second page, top left, a girl appearing to be on a date.  Center middle, this lady had a good head and haircut, (those are bangs, not sideburns).  I may have tampered with her ethnicity, and maybe her gender.  I think I mixed features from faces glanced while subject “hunting”.  The lady with glasses is another example of mixed features.  Right before leaving, I decided to cartoon’ it up.  Bottom right, that same happy laptop guy using some of the “toon lines I enjoy drawing.

This, my friends, is all for this post. I’m working on other pieces, and will save and post some progress soon.  For now, thanks for your visit. I really would appreciate comments. It can even be like, “Hey! that looks like my brother in law”, and I’ll appreciate it!  Remember to have a great art time!

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  1. For me, coffee shops are too expensive to go to on a regular basis, especially because you’re supposed to order something. Knowing that a single serving costs half of what I normally spend on food each day makes me not want to go there. I guess it’s fine if you have a considerable disposable income.

    • This type of coffee shop is an add-in to a big bookstore chain-store. You can sit at the tables whether you’ve bought something or not. You are encouraged to bring material from the store to read at the tables, so you see a lot of folks at it. (They usually end up buying beverages). But you know what? You are right. I didn’t mean highlight sketching outings in commercial venues. Its just convenient. These sketching journeys will cover parks, town squares, and other gathering centers for people. Anywhere I can calmly sit around sketching people will be given consideration. Thanks for sharing. Will keep in mind. And thanks for dropping by, Rene!

  2. I wish I had “considerable disposable income” too!

    The library may be an option for sketching people of all ages who will si still for more than 30 seconds at a time!

    It’s free (here in Toronto at least)!


    • I thought the point of all this art (apart from the love 🙂 ) was to get to that point where one has considerable disposable income!
      Library is perfect. Anywhere folks will sit still long enough to draw them! I’ll keep hunting, and I’m sure I’ll find other places, but none as classically art related as a traditional coffee shop (at least when the “emo” and the “vampire” contingent don’t take over the establishments. LOL
      Thanks for dropping by, Jahhdog!

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