Nikola Tesla and Man Vs Art

Today I’m posting about Nikola Tesla, Raul Aguirre Jr, and Man Vs Art!  Raul is an awesome artist that I’ve been following for some time. He’s a veteran in the visual arts, and he’s got no qualms telling it like it is in his blog and his podcast, Man Vs Art. But let me talk about Tesla, and I’ll go on about Raul in a bit.

The Pantheon of Awesomeness” is a segment of the podcast where “minions” (listeners) enter nominations to induct artists that we deem awesome, and are considered mavericks in their fields. I know Tesla was not a visual artist, but he certainly was a “science artist”, and an independent thinker.

One of the requirements was to depict the nominee in roman or greek garb, I practiced drawing some figures in the appropriate garments. These pencil sketches are based on reference images on from the web. As well, I had to practice drawing Tesla’s likeness.

I penciled a rough composition incorporating a Roman soldiers garments, a staff with Tesla’s coil, and a globe of energy as seen in some of the popular images representing “Tesla’s magic”.

I then inked a final version of the composition, which I sent to Raul, along with a couple of paragraphs explaining why I thought Tesla was a good candidate for the Pantheon of Awesomeness. The good-looking image you saw at the top of this post is the version that Raul prepared for the show. That lighting and background makes a great difference, doesn’t it?

Aside from being happy that my nomination was picked, I am truly honored by what transpired after a that. Raul asked that I become his protegé, of sorts, and he is going to mentor me in my quest to learn to draw. It’s a one year project, and we’ll be able to see how much I can improve. He announced “Project Jose” in episode 30 of his podcast. I already sent him my first assignment, and I’m raring to go!  I’d like to thank him for the opportunity, and for all great advice and knowledge that I’ve acquired just from following his blog, and listening to his show. I really feel privileged.

Well, that does it for now. “Remember to keep your pencils sharp, and your sketchbooks flipping”! (that’s one of Raul’s taglines from the show)  I hope you liked this post, and I encourage you to comment. I love to hear from my visitors. You are always welcome here, and at my Impulsive Sketching Journal blog. Please do give Raul a visit so you really know what I’m talking about. The man is a legend! The quickest way to learn about Raul Aguirre Jr is to listen to Man Vs Art.  And when you visit, say hi to Che for me, will you? He’s quite a character. Thanks for dropping by, and have a great art time!

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  1. Jose this is great! So proud of ya! You deserve something special like this. your love for what your doing and determination to progress is contagious! makes us all want to better our craft. Hanging on for the ride!

    • Geez Sam, thanks so much! I’m very happy and lucky to have this opportunity. A huge chunk of my inspiration comes from you guys, and I have you to thank for it. If my journey inspires others to forge on, I’m doubly lucky. Your comment means the world. Thanks for being there, and for the inspiration.

  2. Dude nice job! Who would have thought hard work dedication and research would pay off? I’m totally looking forward to Project Jose!

    Viva Arte!


    • Thank you, Raul. You know I totally appreciate this. We’ll have plenty of fun with “Project Jose’ (what a name, hehehe)

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