Robot Boy Ink Practice

Here’s a little ink practice. It’s been some time, and I have to prime my inking pumps. No getting precious with it. Just getting the feel again. I took  a couple of penciled sketches that are part of an experimental story I’m slowly building up. And I mean slowly. There are no real thumbnails, nor storyboard yet. I’m letting the images dictate what the story will be, although I have something in mind, it’s just not definite enough for the traditional beginning, middle, and end. All I know is that I’m aiming for a boy robot story for kids, using simple designs. The experiment here is the story, and to let it create itself. It serves as practice too (inks and colors). You can three more “robot boy” related posts here, here, and here. I’ll color these pretty soon. There will be more. Thanks for dropping by, and have a great art time!

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  1. Looking great Jose! It just so happens that one of the next Anthology groups is building around the theme of “The Future” I think Robots would fit right in don’t you? Keep it up my friend!

    • Excellent! Now I’m more fired up! I’ll post on GNN some time soon, with more content for the story under my belt. Thanks for dropping by man! I’ll keep you posted.

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