Acrobat – Illustration Friday – TMNT

Here’s my Illustration Friday submission for the topic: Acrobat. I’ve been practicing drawing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I figured I’d do double duty for once.  This is an inked sketchbook page. Yes, these turtles, being Ninjas, are also acrobats, so there you go! Well, its a gymnast’s grip, if you want a better connection with the topic.

On to process for this quick piece. Feeling Illustration Friday withdrawals, I did a quick run of roughs. I focused on a simple element to be inked. I didn’t use image references, but I did look at my own hand, imagining three fingers. After the 3rd rough, I had to run an errand, but kept practicing using the “Brushes” app on my iPod. (I may add that image here if I finish it).

When I came back,  I drew the 4th one, deciding on shapes, and the 5th one deciding on details, and some shading. The final piece above was based on the 5th penciled sketch.

I thought about using a lightbox to speed things up. Not having one, I used a little lamp on one side, held the two pages together, vertically, and lightly drew the outline to be inked on a new page. It was quick and easy, drawing on pages suspended upright, still attached to the sketchbook (this means I had no backing, and yes, I was enjoying my own goofiness).  An imaginary lightbox. Had a good time rushing this, throwing care to the wind, and enjoying the inking very much. I used Faber Castell PITT pens (brush pen and fine micron-like models). Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for dropping by, and have a great art time!

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  1. Fella I am really liking the look you’ve got going here in the quality of your ink lines over your pencil. A dimensional, woodcut feel really sweet! and solid form! You are learning well from your Sensei! Looking forward to more!

    • Alright, Sam! Thanks so much. I’ve been thinking about my inking lately. I love the way inks stand out, and with my art time being limited, I love the quick and “clean” treatment it automatically gives a drawing. Since I’m learning, I know there’s a lot more that one can achieve with inks, and I can’t help but explore. About the “wood-cut” feel… for some reason these little hash lines have been present in my doodles from way back. This is probably my first style in development. Thanks for the compliment. It means the world to me.
      And thanks for the visit!

  2. Nice!


    • Alright Jahh! Very glad you liked it. I really appreciate your visit and your comment, man!

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