Dressing Up

Hi there. Here are some rough sketches, ranging from rough, to slightly rendered. I’m practicing drawing some clothing specific to the Victorian era for a little project. Click on the thumbnails for detail. I ended coming up with this crazy post layout so I could fit the images into this piece. I should have planned a bit better, or just included fewer images, but I wanted to show most of the process I went through. The bowler hat guy on the left is the nicest drawing of the bunch, so if you’re in a hurry, click his noggin.

I started with that top-right one from imagination, and then I called up some reference images to crank up a bit of reality. In general, this all went from warm ups with rough lines, to a little more serious experiments. Here’s this quick and rough top hat guy on the left, trying to get some form down.  The third guy (2nd top hat) got more attention. I know, his head is a tad small, but the hat makes up for it, right? On the left, we have this half-finished sober guy. Half finished because things got quite active at home at the time.  I did have a little fun trying to draw those clasped hands. And the image of the clothes dummy on the right side was more of a concentration test. The fabric was something else. Working that funky tie too.

This was a little journey of discovery. Folds and patterns are fun to draw, although I took my shortcuts. Drawing tweed will be for some other time. I was more interested in the cut of the cloth, and the way it would drape. My purpose is to be able to dress up an unusual character as a Dapper gent. I think I’m ready to enter the “fitting” room.

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  1. Great!

    • Thanks Jono! I’ll probably get the final piece done tomorrow, in ink!

  2. looks like that Black Butler helped! 😀 great work. glad you like the series also 🙂

    • LOL. That sounds like you’re talking about a detergent! I drew the BB I sent you after I drew these! Thanks for the video link! And thanks for leaving me a comment! I love when you visit.

  3. Great, Jose! You just gave me an idea for drawing in public. There are a lot of statues in the town where I live, plus shops with mannequins dressed with clothes. Those don’t move, nor mind being drawn by a budding artist.

    • Alright! That’s a great idea! Drawing statues in a park setting sounds great, and promises to be a peaceful setting. I guess it always depends on where you go. I can see drawing statues at a town square, or monument site too. Heck! How about a museum? I’m glad this gave you an idea. Thanks! This kind of opens up opportunities that were already there. I suppose daily life is full of opportunities in different settings, and one has to be aware that they exist. So much passes one by from day to day. That reminds me one should have one’s eyes open at all times, looking out for these things. I drew a dress on a mannequin once while waiting for an appointment. Geez… even a storefront is a good target. Thanks for sharing that, and dropping by!

  4. Sweet Jose! Those look great!

    • Thanks Shawn! I haven’t really focused on clothing before, and it really seems important for character creation. Drawing my little robots is one thing, but human clothing is powerful tool to give personality to a character. Thanks for dropping by! (Can’t wait for the next awesome Saturday Supercast!)

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