Beneath Squid

Here’s my submission for Illustration Friday’s topic of the week: Beneath. Watercolors (Crayola brand used during art time with my daughter), and watercolor pencils and inks trying to give it good form.  I enjoyed watching watercolors run this time. It served to remind me that there is a lot to learn about using watercolors. A true uncontrolled experiment worthy of this laboratory. I tried to define lines with watercolor pencil, and I rushed it, making a wet mess, trying to blot it with paper towels. I hastily outlined with a .005 micron, so as not to loose sight of the little monster.

Here’s the un-lined version. I really noticed a difference the morning after. There clearly is a drying time to take into account, as my fellow artists will surely want to remind me. It looks really fuzzy. I’m including a black and white scan here for contrast. My watercolor experiments will continue, but not without reading up on proper preparation, and methods. I’m sure I didn’t wait for drying times, and used way too much water. But I’ll get a lot more practice very soon because there’s an art swap I committed to, and I intend to use watercolors by hook or by crook. So watch out, the lab is open, and you may need to wear safety equipment when you visit!

Thanks for dropping by, and have a great art time! I know I did! Buahahahahahaha!!!!!!

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  1. I like both colour versions. The one without lines has a dreamy ethereal quality while the lined one has a depth that approaches realism yet still maintains dream like quality because of colour choice …


    • Thanks so much, Jahhdog! It was a total experiment. I got into the washing pigments, then tried to rescue them later to no avail. I do appreciate your viewpoint very much. One can see things in perspective. I’ve yet to mix it up a bit later (digitally). It’s a lab, you know. Thanks for your welcome comment. (pardon my colored language, been watching a period Chinese story full of that! LOL) Thanks for the visit, man!

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