Scared Dragon Experiment

AHHH!!! Ugly, isn’t it? In the sense that’s it bad, but its so bad, I like it.

I’ve been off art-wise for these last couple of weeks, and its something you just have to push through. So I took something I played with during art time with my daughter, and turned it into a horrendous experiment. An art sin, I dare say. Oh well, that’s what the lab is for, to learn from the good and the bad. And this was bad! 🙂

Early last week, I cut a couple of pieces of watercolor paper for my daughter and me to play. Since I was on a dragon kick, I penciled in a rough dragon face, cartoon-like, and I inked it. I wasn’t going for anything in particular. Sorry I didn’t save process stages, but this was just fun time. So after inking, I used watercolor pencils while watching “Land of the Lost” (a comedy with cool dinosaur fun). It looked uglier than it was, so I let it sit for some time. This morning, still feeling off on the art front, I decided to just get busy and see what happened. I grabbed that piece, and went at it with sharpies! Black background with just a thin white outline. Nah! More messing with was in order. I used colored sharpies to outline, color, and fill in the rest. Incredibly enough, the color made it pop enough for me to like its ugliness. So there you have it. An ugly, mutant art experiment, including watercolor paper, watercolor pencils, black ink, and colored sharpies. The black background was key for it to pop up, but the colors brought it home. You can’t deny colors have power, even if its still dark. I like the initial scared look, and the bad linework. I learned that not all disasters are worth throwing away, and that you can learn a lot from them.

Hope you like it! Thanks for visiting the lab, and have a great art time, no matter what!

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