Art-Card Proofs

Another experiment. These are art card proofs. I joined an art swap group, and our mail-in deadline is coming soon. I’ve never done something like this before, so I thought a little test would be in order. With some coaching help from some of my friends (you know who you are, wink wink), I got the format down, more or less. I started with watercolor paper, and cut it into 2.5×3.5in pieces. I did a little character sketching before-hand, and had some “situations” to use as topic. These little cute ghosts are easy to draw, and since I was mainly interested in testing the media involved, I didn’t go too “precious” with the line-work, which was a combination of black brush-pen, and microns. The backgrounds are mostly done in watercolor pencil, and that was a little pain because they warped like crazy. But being small pieces, it was bearable. The 1st and the 6th piece (counting left to right, top to bottom) were done with black ink wash, which gives it a smoother texture.  My next test will be with real watercolors, and maybe alternate between watercolor paper, and inking paper (Bristol), just to see how it comes out.

Art cards are addictive! You can’t just make one little card! It’s like eating candy (without the calories). It is also a great way to batch experiments together. I think I’ll adopt this art card format for quick experimenting. I get a lot more information and results in less time. Well, I hope you liked these. There will certainly be more in the very near future.

Thanks for visiting, and have a great art time!

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  1. They are looking really fun & cute 😀 They all have their own personalities!! How cool! My fave is the one with the doll ^_^!

    Can’t wait to see more of this!

    • I knew you’d like the “little situations” angle.
      Thanks for leaving a comment! You’ll get to see a lot more!

  2. Hey, it’s JadineR from deviantart 😀

    Just getting the ATC bug, huh? It’s addicting and exciting that’s for sure! You can easily get ATCs at art stores already cut and prepared 🙂 Don’t know if there are any art stores in Puerto Rico, solo en el condominio y aún así no me acuerdo (y son caras probablemente XD). Here there are 50-60 cards or less) in a packet and cost between $2-3. You can also look ’em up online. They come in watercolor paper, acrylic paper, bristol, etc.

    All of these cards are so cute!! <333 I love the third one in the first row.

    • Great! Thanks! I’ll look them up. Probably at “Ofi-Arte”, in San Patricio Plaza. They seem to be geared for artists.
      I cut some medium weight watercolor paper. I’m actually doing colors tonight. Mainly exploring, but watercolor still looks good, even if its one of my first attempts. I plan to finish with littlle touches in pen-brush. Will post tomorrow, most likely.
      Thanks for the visit, and the comment! Really appreciate it!

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