First Try With Inking Nibs

Yep, doodles galore! I finally got myself a set of inking nibs yesterday. It’s something I wanted to try for the longest time. I got a set of 6 nibs and two holders (Speedball – Drawing set) at the local art store. Got lucky because they didn’t have them on my last visit.

So I actually fell in love with the way they work. I’m already partial to ink, and my previous ink brush experiments were enjoyable, although a bit out of control in terms of line weight, and the wobbles. But this felt like a compromise, or rather, an in-between state. I had the control of using a regular  pen, or micron, with the power of variations that a brush allows. It felt really great! Of course, “control” and “power” here are used very loosely, since this is my first time. A friend commented that it takes years to master, and I respect that. I mentioned that things could be fixed digitally, and of course, that is cheating, but I’m having such a good time with ink that it is not important at this time. I welcome the challenge full on. A straight, and not-wobbly line is a goal, but the fun is in the journey. I like the way that ink gets laid on the paper (I used Bristol, which, so far, has proven to be “the” paper to use with brush and nib). Microns are great too, but for some reason, I feel the lines are cleaner and more natural looking with nibs and brushes. Maybe its to early to say something like that, but I had a great feeling when using nibs, that I didn’t get so quickly when trying brushes and regular micron pens. I suppose its in the degree of control. The fact that rotating or tilting the nib ever so slightly varies the line weight really blew my mind. I suppose an inking brush does that too, but I didn’t notice this control with a brush (another challenge).

I think I’ve probably discovered my favorite inking tool, for the moment. It’s kind of a little hassle to deal with the ink bottle, and the cleaning of the nibs, but its worth it. I suppose a micron is very convenient in this sense.

I hope you enjoy the little doodles in this image. Nothing fancy, but loads of fun. Oh yeah, my favorite was the next to fine tip. I’ll get the numbering right soon enough. And my next nib will probably be the famous “Crow Quill”. For now, I’ll keep mixing it up with different media, but this has been epic in my journey. That’s all for now. Thanks for visiting. Do leave a comment, especially if you have something to say about nibs and inking. I’m super curious about this.  Have a great art time! I sure did!

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  1. I have nothing deep to say, I just wanted let you know how happy I am that you’re having so much fun with the nib pens. the doodles are fun.

    • Thanks, Luis! I love to discover a medium that makes me feel possibilities of expression like this. I’m still trying to figure out how this falls between microns, and brushes. It’s so different. I remember fountain pens from way back, but I never tried those at drawing. Nibs are better, and the ink load lasts longer than a brush (for me, anyways). The variations in line that one can get are awesome, and I’m just beginning to find out. Definitively a great personal discovery.
      Thanks for your visit, and comment, man. Always welcome!

  2. That page of doodles is screaming FUN!!! this is where your technique will be born Jose, in your falling in love with the line. Kudos!

    • Thank you Sam! It was like a little wild joy ride, so to speak. I think its because it jives with my apparent wood block/cut, hashy styley thing. LOL Thanks for the comment, man! Super appreciated!

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