WebComic-Jammer Experiment

I was posting about my 30 Character Challenge sketch last night, when Ted Seko suggested we throw a “Twitter Jam” on comic strips, and call it WebComic Jammer”. We didn’t talk about how. But Ted was inspired, and shortly posted 3 panels to start. I added my 3 panels. I think what Ted and I want to do is pass on the turn, and grow a story, with different creators. Group-source, in a way.

So here’s strip 2, added to fill in a regular comics page, just following Ted’s file format, and follow style just to make it cohesive, or shocking, whatever goes. Get creative with the story. So far, Ted gave us exposition, and I started a conversation between the block and the person. What’s next?

If you feel up to it, tack on your third 3 panel suggestion (it could be just one wide panel, whatever). We’ll manage the paging. Have fun, this is for you, and your creativity.

Whomever takes turn 3, has to post, to blog or service, and pass on the webcomic to the next caring creative soul that is willing to jump into this volcano. Please claim your turn via e-mail, so this event is duly noted. Thank you.

What do you say?

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