Webcomic Jam 7

The experiment continues with a one-two punch! Demophon (Jono) delivers in strip #7 ! Having this team creating at break-neck pace can be dizzying. I’ve known Demophon online for some time now, and he doesn’t cease to amaze with style, inventiveness, and awesome skill! He’s an intense family man, and yet finds time to be involved in a number of great art projects. Oh, and can he fish! Check out some of his work in his brand new webcomic here and his flickr feed here! He also creates great comics, and will surprise you with his fine art side!
As for our story, its getting even more interesting. We have a big reaction from the cube-dweller. Things seem about to pop! (that face is about to burst!)
The story so far is viewable at the Webcomic Jam page. You can also find links to our creators sites there.
We really appreciate your visit, and would love to hear from you. Our team is eager to learn what sort of reaction this experiment has on the readers. Thanks so much for your interest. Have a great art time!
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