Burning – Illustration Friday

This is my submission to Illustration Friday for the topic: Burning.

I have double-purposed this piece to “submit” to the 30 Character Challenge as 2 characters. You can see that post in my Impulsive Sketching Blog. Although it is technically not a sketch, I’m posting it there because I am running all of my 30 Character submissions in that site this month.

I had this idea on my way home. Two characters. One’s condition precipitates the other’s actions. Sammy turns into a fire monster, and Wally tries to eliminate him. Character background story can be found here.

Meant to be a quick “on-the-fly” sketch to catch up in the challenge, I also wanted to submit it to Illustration Friday. It turned into the type of experiments I post in this blog.

The rough led to a not so good sketch. I inked it to take it to another level. It was ok, but it lacked punch. Looking for a straight edge, I bumped into a set of pastel pencils I had yet to open, so I colored it. I was pleasantly surprised with the soft quality of the colors. I could intensify and blend colors easily. These pastels pencils warrant an experiment on their own. My enthusiasm shot up when I noticed how well suited they were for the initially muted backgrounds. Vegetation and other background elements took on textures I liked. I had forgotten how pastels can give a piece character. I finished colors as well as I could, and touched up on the ink lines that were dulled in places by the pastels. Blowing off excess pastel dust as carefully as I could without a drafting brush, I got a few smudges, but the erasers on the pencils were of some help. I applied the final touches to the fire character, whose flames still looked dull. I used a cheap yellow pen brush I had bought last year, and the nature of the flames was more evident afterwards. It was scanned carefully minding the dust on the scanner’s glass. To sum up, I used light penciling for the rough, inks from a micron-like pen, pastel pencils for colors, and a yellow pen brush, on sketchbook paper. I had no idea this would become so involved, nor did I intend for it to be an art experiment. In the end, something that promised to be just mediocre turned into a worthwhile and interesting experience in terms of art exploration.

Thanks so much for checking this out, and do come back. Have a great art time!


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  1. Hey man…I saw your work thru Rauls podcast—awesome stuff….yo soy de Puerto Rico tambien….man—we should do some art together man….or an animation….that would be awesome. Hit me up.


    • Hey! Cool! Very glad to meet you.
      Glad you liked that. I’m looking forward to draw some more projects with Raul.
      Be glad to share anytime. I’m over on twitter most of the time.
      Saludos de Puerto Rico!
      By the way… awesome work on your blog!

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