Coffee Shop Sketches 3

I was lucky to get sketching time at the local mall’s coffee shop again. I really enjoy doing this. My wife, daughter, and niece had a blast walking around the mall while I had an equal blast sketching.
I’ll describe the pages left-to-right, top-to-bottom. On this first page: a little boy leaning, hopping around, intensely watching chess players. Great to see such enthusiasm. The next man was watching, listening to his earphones. The lady in the middle of the page sat closer to me, apparently miffed as she waited for someone. At the same time, a lady  behind me, in a wheel-chair, realized what I was up to, and gave me a knowing grin, apparently enjoying the situation. I winked, returned the smile, and went about my business. Then, one of the best subjects I could ask for showed up wearing this brightest orange polo. An elderly gentleman, grinning widely at times, obviously enjoying the chess happenings. He was skinny as a rail. So skinny you could miss him if he turned sideways. He radiated happiness. His head a very angular bone structure, and I couldn’t resist drawing him. I wish he stuck around for more.

On the second page, a young guy with dread-locks proved to be a worthwhile subject. He sat leaning forward, semi-glazed eyes, bored face, yet involved listening to his two female friends talking. It was the first time I attempted this type of hair. Very interesting. I hope to get another chance soon. His expression said it all. I’m chilling. Lastly, this young girl, part of a group, outside the window. She sat, tossing her hair, waiting for others with her friends. Very at ease, and enjoying the moment. Watching the group interact took me back to high school days, when hanging at the mall was one of the coolest, and cheapest fun things one could do with a group of friends.

Next up, on page 3, back inside the shop, this guy with a peculiar skull shape sat reading, stopping every now and then to glance at his watch. It seems most of the people at this coffee shop are always waiting for someone. This guy’s hair was almost clean shaven, and his skull was very defined. He had a common rounded head type that I thought too pronounced not to draw. Next to the chess players there was this younger student type with glasses leaning against a wall, at least for a little while. His hair reminded me of manga or anime hair styles. I tried drawing him twice.
On page 4, this person wearing “rapper” or probably “reggaeton” style clothing leaned against the window outside the shop, talking to his friend. His cap with bandana underneath, plus his jewelry, were a dead giveaway. The only thing off was that he was wearing a “guayabera” shirt, which is mostly common garb worn by older latin men, of the traditional sort. Next, another chess fan waited his turn. This man had a crew cut, and a pug nose, and waved his family away, as he stayed behind, hoping to catch some game time. Next, this young little girl was avidly reading one of those “Wimpy Kid” books at a table. She barely blinked, engrossed in her story. I thought that was so cute, and encouraging, to see such interest. Right after that, a punk style girl walks by with her punk style boyfriend. I would have loved a longer opportunity to draw these two. She had a mohawk haircut that was very well coiffed, in two colors, and what looked like military pants and boots.
And in my last page, I caught the cute toddler, thoroughly enjoying a cup of whipped cream with her parents, for a fleeting moment, but long enough to catch her pose. She was tiny and full of energy. The next girl is the same avid reader from the previous page. She had moved enough so I could catch her face. The intense reader. And lastly, a guy that seemed to be of mixed oriental descendance, sitting, waiting for the rest of his party to bring the beverages. It was then that I had this conversation with my neighbor, a man obviously of new age tendencies. All of a sudden, I hear him sigh and complain, and silly me, I butt in and ask, did they leave you waiting? He tells me, after a pause, “Yes, for about 15 years”. Oh brother. So he goes on about waiting for changes in life, very vaguely, and refering to the coming changes in society. I thought it was odd and interesting that out of the blue someone would talk about these topics. I’m also no slouch when it comes to new age subjects, so I let him speak his piece, politely nodding, and genuinely listening. He had good points, though very vague. After a very short while, my daughter and niece show up to pick me up. Everyone smiling, the man satisfied to have imparted me with his story, tells me. “Take some Taichi”. I nod, smile, and let him know that I have, and that I probably will soon, which is true. His statement was surprising to me, but then again, there’s all kinds of people out there, and you never know.
On that meditative note, my sketching session ends. Why do I seem like a likely participant for these topics? I don’t know, I believe I dress like an older heavy metal and/or comics type dad. I have no idea. So I joined my party, and off we went back home as my party told me all about their fun, which included bumping into live music, and getting “snowed on” (Actually very light soap flakes, part of the holiday ambiance activities at the mall. Snow in Puerto Rico. LOL).
Well, that’s all for now. I hope you liked my descriptions as much as the sketches. I really enjoyed this session, and hope to be able to do it again soon. I need all the practice I can get. Thanks for dropping by, and have a great art time.

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  1. I liked the dread hair. You caught it man! The manga style guy was good and the little girl enjoying her whip cream was fun!

    Nice stories to go along with nice sketches!


    • Thanks Jahhdog! The stories are very linked to the sketches. I like to pretend the sketchpad and pencil are a camera, with a very long exposure time LOL. Really appreciate your comment, dude!

  2. loved seeing your sketches, Jose! Your write-up was fun to read as well. Keep it up!

    • I really like these sessions. You flatter me! A comment like yours counts in multiples for me. Can’t wait for your take on UP Fair! Thanks so much for dropping by.

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