Webcomic Jam 8

We’ve got a big blast of comics in this strip! Peter Palmiotti and Clayton Murwin deliver a development. Peter did script, pencils, inks, and color scheme, and Clayton’s coloring brought it together to bring us no less than 5 new characters. Check out Peter’s awesome work here. Clayton “The Hero Maker” works with Heroes Fallen, an awesome cause. Awesome coloring! An honor to have him aboard!

The story so far can be seen at the Webcomic Jam page.

We really appreciate your visit, and would love to hear from you. Our team is eager to learn what sort of reaction this experiment has on readers like you. Thanks so much for your interest. Have a great art time!

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  1. Hi my name is Clayton D. Murwin AKA The Hero Maker I am a freelance Comic artist,inker,colorist and sometimes writer of my own books. I am also the President of Heroes Fallen Studios Inc. a 501-c3 non-profit organization that supports our troops in harms way. We are producing a charity Graphic Novel for our troops called Untold Stories from Iraq & Afghanistan. These stories are real stories told from the mouths of our troops that have served or are presently serving in the ongoing conflicts. We have main stream creators from Marvel & DC and small press creators as well all donating their time services and talents to produce this graphic novel to show our support of our troops. 100 % of the proceeds from the sale of the books go to our troops via these organizations. Wounded Warriors, Fisher House, The USO.Please visit our site today. You can also see my online art gallery here http://www.theheromaker.webs.com I have been published in The Malevolent by Nathan Thomas Miliner , Sky Pirates of Valendor by Jolly Rogue Studios, and Mind Hunter Omega by Red Zone comics.

    • Thank you so much, Clayton! And welcome to the bunch. Really honored to have you collaborating. I’m also glad that you were kidnapped for this by Peter!
      Thanks for sharing your information, and for the surprise!

      • No Problem Happy to do it!

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