Webcomic Jam 14 – Conclusion

All good things must end. At least for this 14 strip webcomic, that time is now.  The team was fantastic, batting up great strips, with even better dramatic turns. I really didn’t know what to do, or what to expect. Finally the time of my closing strip came, and this is what rang bells in my brain, after all the confusion of characters popping in, dying off, and surprising each other.

To me, continuing with a world as crazy as this one would take more than one strip. I opted for wrapping up the concept in a nice finale that could take you anywhere. I wanted to honor all my team-mates, and their ideas, but how? I had to try and close loops on everything going on, more or less.

I had promised a fan art post, including some work by the team, but I got so into creating my very first inked comic strip, that I cannot wait.  I’ll post an experiment-style article about my experience (including process), and another fun-filled fan art article to celebrate everyone on the team.

You can see the whole story now at The Webcomic Jam page. You’ll find links to all of the team’s sites and work.  Watch out for more webcomic jam related posts here at the lab!

This has been an awesome experiment, and it will be repeated. Thanks for dropping by, and as always, have a great art time!


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