Coffee and Ink Test

Kind of sad because my Faber Castell PITT pen set’s M and S pens ran out of ink. My search for an immediately accessible substitute yielded a Pilot Preciase V7 rolling ball pen with black ink, which I’m willing to bet is not filled with archival-quality ink. I’m glad I bought it out of curiosity some time ago. The black of its ink is black enough for me. I hope it matches my pen brush’s black ink. I’ll just have to replace a couple of PITT pens later.

I had drawn this semi-elaborate coffee lady scene, inspired by burlesque images, and wanting to practice for a specific themed piece I promised my wife. Its a shame I didn’t scan the pencil version before inking it. The rendering was worth a look. Nonetheless, here’s the initially inked piece (on the right), before any further activity. This included so you can check out the ink line weight and quality.  I then used pen-brush to stylize, color, shade, and adorn (this last sentence sounds like a set of hair stylist instructions).

As for the ink pen experimentation, jury is still out. The Pilot Precise V7 delivers a fine line, but globs-up a bit, even after careful cleaning. However, the rolling ball point pen called Pilot Precise V7 wins today because there is no handy rival in the vecinity.

I hope you like it. There will be more pen and ink nonsense whether I have the good ones, or not. I’ll use sticks and ink if I have to. Thanks for dropping by, have a great holiday, and an excellent art time!

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  1. Very nice, Jose. This one really ups your skill level.

    • Thanks Rene! I really appreciate it. It just looks classy, that’s all! Heheheeh… I know I’ve been drawing funny things lately, but there’s also a serious side. Even if this lady does look serious, its just funny that she’s in a cup, bathing in coffee (it could be tea for all I know). The body still needs work, but I can excuse the head and legs by just saying that she’s a pixie! Look at the weird wings, and head-gear. LOL!!! It was fun. There will be more ladies, and other themes. Thanks for visiting.

  2. :O impressive!, best of your artwork, actually 😀

    • Why thank you! Hehehe… its because you don’t normally see these types of subjects from me. Thanks!

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