Sweet Webcomic Experience

I was recently surprised and honored to be invited to create a guest webcomic for Cupcake Graffiti. Rosa and Carla, of Soda Pop Comics, are the creators of this sweet, whimsical, and funny strip, among several other great comics, and beautiful creations. I’ve had a little experience creating strips at the lab with the Webcomic Jam experiment, and this was like taking of the training wheels off the bicycle. So as is customary at the lab, I had to blog about the process.

I’ve known about Cupcake Graffiti since I’ve met Carla and Rosa, so I was familiar with type of stories, and the graphic style full of cheerful colors and shapes. I initially wanted to create this digitally, and in color, but time constraints, and my beginner’s digital drawing/painting skills made me choose traditional inking, which is my current focus. I proceeded to sketch most of the characters to get used to drawing this pastry gang. You can see most of them in these two images of sketchbook pages. After having this, I started to explore strip ideas. At first, I thought I could apply a robotic theme (I love robots) turning them into Voltron type characters. This was harder than I thought. Making at least 5 of these characters join up and become a powerful giant evil fighting robot was not as easy as I thought. You can see an inkling of that idea in the first image of sketchbook pages. Time being in short supply, I decided to put three of the characters in a perilous situation. Instead of a giant robot, I included a giant monster and I made “Gumdrop” even bigger. Since there is no violence in this webcomic, of having a fight, Gumdrop is sporting a giant friendly smile, and the monster has a dumbfounded look. You can see some of the iterations that went through my mind in these last two images from my sketchbook, including the final strip itself.

I used Bristol 300 series vellum paper (another 1st for me), ink pens and pen brushes. I really like the look of ink on Bristol. Don’t get me wrong, I like color a lot. It gives more life to the drawing, but black and white has special appeal for me.

There you have it. I was elated to be chosen for this. It was definitively a good learning experience, and made me feel part of something a lot bigger. Contributing to bring fun and smiles to the public is very rewarding. Rosa and Carla are awesome. Their work shows great dedication, and it spans way more than pastry shenanigans. Check out their other works at their Etsy shop. Visit them in Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you liked this process story. And as always, have a great art time!

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