Welcome Back BIPT!

Big Illustration Party Time is back! I’m so happy, that I had to post about it. BIPT is a freelance illustrator themed podcast by my good friends, Kevin Cross, and Joshua Kemble. It is in great part because of their helpful real life art advice, and entertaining shenanigans that I was inspired to take on my art exploration journey. Heck! I created this blog inspired by them, and many other helpful online artist friends, now too many to list in this post. Their podcast was the first one I found while searching for art and illustration related content on iTunes, looking to supplement my do-it-yourself approach in learning to draw.

Back in those days I listened to all their podcasts, along with Art & Story, Javiland, The IDiot Engine, and not that long ago, the great Man Vs Art and Ghettomation podcasts. I have made many online artist friends, and reveled in their advice, and stories, learning from them,  and collecting invaluable art nuggets of wisdom. I really owe Josh and Kevin the biggest shout-out I can muster, and I whole-heartedly recommend them to everyone. After a year of their podcast in hiatus, it seems like yesterday that I listened to their previous podcast!

Here’s to a successful new season, and many new art adventures. Even though I kept constant contact with them in their art endeavours, now I feel like the good friends that had moved away some time ago just moved back into the neighborhood.

So this post is not about an experiment in art this time, but a golden resource sharing post. I strongly suggest, if you take your art seriously, listen to them. You will benefit from Big illustration Party Time. Learn and entertain yourself. Thanks Josh Kemble, and Kevin Cross!

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