Visualization Experiments

I’ve been using Deviant Art for some time now, and I’m enjoy sharing with some of the artists that make that their home. Among the great artists I have met, there stands KisaragiChiyo. She’s a Japanese Shodoka (Calligrapher) working from Rome, Italy. Here’s her portfolio on Elance. Her calligraphy work caught my eye, and I’ve been following her art on dA. One day, it struck me that I was “seeing” images in these, very much like you see figures in clouds. And I couldn’t stand the urge to draw what I saw. So far, I’ve done this twice. Fortunately, she was very receptive my use of her work, and actually encouraged it!

My second piece, which you see above, is based on her piece “NOW – Ima” It made me think of a mermaid. It was fun to try to sketch what I saw. It is one thing to see the image in your mind, but in practice, quite different to try to sketch it. This is the second mermaid I’ve ever drawn.

My first attempt was based on her “Sumi Ink 2” piece. This one had me thinking of a lady making a clay vase. That first time I tried reproducing the original work in pencil, and I realized, not surprisingly, that this type of work is meant for ink. One of these days I’ll pick up a brush and try my hand at it, but for now, if I try this again, I’ll ask to use the original art from KisaragiChiyo.

I hope you liked this fun experiment. I can see myself doing more of these in the near future, with KisaragiChiyo‘s consent, of course. I really dig her typography, and plan to venture into the real thing some day. It’s very inspiring, and seems like a nice therapeutic thing to do, in a zen sort of way. But I know next to nil about this. Good incentive to seriously explore. Thanks for dropping by. Don’t be shy, leave a comment, a challenge, a gripe, or anything you’d like to say. It will be appreciated. Have a great art time! And a thousand thanks to Kisaragi for allowing me to have so much fun. See you soon!

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  1. Very cool stuff! Like the ink blot test to paper with beautiful calligraphy!


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