Tuesday Sketch Experiment

This is Milton, from Milton’s Life. A webcomic by Noel Curry. Milton dreams that he is Rick Deckard, from the 80’s movie, “Blade Runner”. This is a submission to the fun Tuesday Sketch blog that Noel Curry has been running for some time. Visit to see the collected Tuesday Sketch submissions. The topic this week was 80’s movies.

I deemed this an experiment because I mixed two different fan art themes. I’ve always loved the movie, Blade Runner, based on Phillip K. Dick’s novel, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”, and this particular moment of truth that Milton is re-enacting is one of my favorite scenes. Milton is ready to administer the “Turing” test at the home of Tyrell’s corporation owner, on Tyrell’s own niece. The owl on the left happens to be an icon of the corporation’s genetic engineering success in the story. I included it to pep up the piece because Milton is rather serious about what he is doing.

I hope you liked this, and that you visit Milton’s Life, as well as the Tuesday Sketch blog. Thanks for dropping by. Have a great art time.

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