Woodbert on IF

Of course you're not a toy, Woodbert!

Hi there! Getting back on the Illustration Friday bandwagon with a sketch. It’s been quite a while. Back when I started submitting to IF, I decided to only post digital drawings, but I’ve been neglecting the tablet for a more traditional approach for some time for the quicker turn out, and to stick to a process while I learn to draw.

So here’s a sketch in pencil for the topic: Toy. Woodbert, the oversized dummy. I thought his handler would try to convince him that he’s not a toy, and there’s the hook. To tell you the truth, I started sketching, and when I fell into the weird, creepy, and huge ventriloquist dummy idea, Illustration Friday’s topic blinked at me from the back of my brain. So what better way to say hi to the IF gang than with a weird entry like this one. I hope everyone is doing fine. I intend to post more often to IF, and even dust off the drawing tablet to get my digital mojo going. I really enjoy traditional methods, but the digital magic always calls. I hope you like it. Thanks for your visit, and remember to have a great art time!


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