Art Card Time Again

It’s art card trading time again. As you may have caught on this blog, some time ago, I’ve joined the Doodle Swap Project, and we trade cards 4 times a year. Thought I’d use this opportunity to explore and test some process variations. I’m partial to inks, but I want to learn to use watercolors. This time I’m using watercolor paper stock, cut to 2.5in x 3.5 in., waterproof-ink with dip pens, and standard watercolors. This will give me a chance to practice with dip pens (light and uni-directional strokes required), as well as mix up some watercolor fun. I need to explore a bit of coloring, and shading. Of course, my ink pen habits will show, but they may also change as I produce more than 10 good art cards to trade with my friends at the Doodle Swap.

This time, I can already tell you, I prefer ink on bristol (smooth) paper, and that the waterproof ink is really waterproof, but you can slap color on it and make it not so neat (ugh, just look closely at that image). I used a micron to touch up the dulled up lines, specially around the yellows. I’ll just have to watch it, so I don’t have to do much post fixing. The topic this time is “Under The Sea”, so expect little sea creatures, some serious, but mostly cartoon style, and a few visual jokes.

Thanks for visiting the lab. Any suggestions on process, or whatever, will be very welcome. Have a great art time!

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