Mother’s Day Sailing

So Mother’s Day rolls around, in the midst of lots of activity for me. From experience, I’ve learned that you can plan, but not depend too much on things coming out exactly as you planned. There being no exception this year, we’re “sailing” through this particular holiday. “I’m planning to get you this, and go there for dinner” turns into, “here’s what I got you, and we’ll get together for a family dinner at home”. Happy about this. I rather keep it warm and cozy, than braving the crowds. So these are the “currents” and “winds” we sail by this year.

The “big” complicated gifts become promises, and tokens of love do way better than what one had planned. That’s the way I like it. So it was a gift of flowers, a certificate for some favorite things, and a the flagship of all gift sets: my daughter’s home-made cards, and my handiwork (proud of myself LOL). My daughter was more excited than anyone to show off her card, a scrapbook page, a home-made necklace, and some drawings. These are invaluable, and my wife and I loved them above all things presented this morning. Of course, I had to do my own this morning, and in a rush.

Since I had the watercolors out, and a rough of a piece I had promised my wife some time ago, things clicked together in seconds. I cut up a card out of watercolor paper, and re-drew the idea of the galleon with our names on it, sailing towards an island. Then a little rough inking to lay down shapes, and graphite clean up with an eraser. Since I had some idea of managing colors, lately having played with some sea oriented palettes at my current level of skill, I colored the sea, and the sky, and proceeded to add layers to give some texture and illusion of distances. The browns were second nature to lay down, though not too elaborate. A little shading with layers, and then to finish the light-house island. Details with ink using a fine PITT ink pen.

All this was done in a hurry this morning, between fetching flowers from a local distributor that also made arrangements on the spot. Got lucky! I have no idea how long the actual art work took, but my guess is about an hour, give or take, and factoring out errands in between.

Of course, I guaranteed a smile from my wife, and a comment about getting it framed. Art pieces are starting to pile up around here. A happy Mothers Day to all, and thanks for dropping by. Have a great art time!

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  1. Looks great Jose! Your skills are progressing quickly!

    • Thank you guys!!!! Quickly was the operative word here! LOL

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