Dusty Lab, smudgy ink

Where have I been? Adapting to a new job I really like, but cuts my art time. Looking for ways to shoe-horn art into my activities. So the lab is dusty, but October makes the mad scientist a bit restless, and its time to kick it up a bit. I’ll start with an inexpensive Japanese brush-pen ($1) I got from a “Dollar Tree” type store. What possessed me to do this? The lack of art activity, curiosity about using an unknown tool, and a feeling that I should get my mojo back. So I warn: There’s nothing fancy about these pieces. Basically, I used the bull-in-a-china-shop approach. All of the below images started as super quick pencil roughs, and got the experimental ink treatment.

On the left, drawing while at a bowling alley birthday party for one of my daughter’s classmates. I sat at on a bench while the kids frolicked. The middle one was curious.

This one on the right was rather impulsively drawn. I was waiting in my car, at a stop light, missing my “lost” pogo stylus, when I decided not to let that get me down. I whipped out the old sketchbook and pencil, ready to sketch the first thing I saw in the time it took for the light to change. There he was. A homeless person panhandling passively on the sidewalk. A few seconds later, the light changed, and thinking how lucky some of us are, I went on my way. That hair was kind of wild. By the way, I found the missing stylus in my pajamas that night. Luck again. I hope he runs into some of that luck too.

Finally, here’s a quick sketch of Superman, as posted in the Tuesday Sketch blog. The topic was the DC Comics reboot. My wife wouldn’t recognize him before inking until I pointed out the tell-tale lock of hair over his forhead.

All of these were rough and quick pencil sketches, but I was also rough and quick with that penbrush. Somehow, it feels right to use it at a certain speed, or the lines turn out too jittery. Practice may change that. I still don’t feel like my old self, drawing, but this little “penbrush push” experiment gave me some momentum. Just look at me posting again!

Watch for more activity here, and in my other web art haunts. I’m ramping up on it, to catch up with my recently developed, and highly busy work life. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you liked these. And remember, always have a great art time!

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