Stylus Time

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in front of a big “i-device” accessory display. The styli/styluses taunted me. I was looking for another way to sketch on-the-go (think iPod). So I bought a Pogo Sketch Stylus. There were many to choose from, but the price was right, and yes, the word “sketch” sold me. Having read a number of reviews, it was easy to choose, and I really wanted to try one. It has a cloth tip, which I read was better for drawing than rubber-tips. By the way, if you want to skip to the weird piece, scroll down.

Here are a couple of pieces done on my iPodTouch using “Sketchbook Mobile”. I also have an app called “Brushes”, but I won go into comparisons here. My previous drawing approach had been finger-based, and clumsy. It required lots of zooming in and out, changing brushes, and erasing (rather more like sculpting). After using the stylus, I noticed I still do the zooming, and brush tweaking, but the lines are more determined, and I don’t have to erase/sculpt as much. I get a piece done a lot quicker than before, and I’m happier with the control. These 2 pieces were done for the Tuesday Sketch blog.

Some will advice to leave the tiny screen for an iPad. I’m waiting for my wife to get over her new iPad fever so I can get a turn. Meanwhile, my iPod & stylus will do. It is handy when I’m listening to podcasts, and convenient when one needs to be inconspicuous. It looks like I’m just fiddling with an iPhone. I have most of my iPod art in this Flickr set, including pre-stylus stuff.

In this weird piece, I was trying out simple brush techniques and patterns, as they came to mind, being very doodley. No, drugs had nothing to do with this.

I hope you enjoyed this story/experiment. Expect more small screen pieces. I can’t wait to try other styli. Some are just for writing, but there are some “pro” ones that work like a painter’s brush, bristles and all. So, thanks for dropping by, and remember to have a great art time.

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