Doctor Nightmare

Image courtesy and copyright of Jon David Guerra - NPW

Dr. Nightmare

Doctor Nightmare: a principal character in Jon David Guerra’s Nightmare Pro Wrestling.  Experiment: fan-art process.  Ref: JD’s NPW.  Plan: sketch originals, variations, finish with my style. Showing: roughs, and inks (click for all).  Tools: cheap pen brush, PITT pens half through.  Take: Good brush pen practice time. Rare to get time to do this. Very gratefully for my art time.

<== I liked the roster image for Doctor Nightmare. Strange body. I tried to get acquainted with the arms. He owns NPW. Lives in a castle on top of a giant tortoise.

==> A couple of poses from Jon’s panels. A walking sketch on the right. I liked the pose below it, but messed with textures, etc.

<== Classic pose I had to try. Long-bendy arms throwing me a curve, as well as the chunky hands.

==> Working larger, portrait my style, for the castle.

I thank Jon and Nicole for their Texas hospitality, and letting me play with these. Thank you Nightmare Pro Wrestling.

Click here to see everything. Thank you for dropping by. Hope we entertained. Have a great art time.

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