30 Character Challenge 2011 Slideshow

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Here we have a slideshow for the 30 Character Challenge 2011. This is the second time I participate, but the first time I actually register as a participant. The point was to create a character daily and post it in the site. A lot of participants were able to do them in time. I missed the deadline by 2 characters. Here is my collection. (you can also click on the slideshow above to control the rate at which the characters are displayed. It was an excellent experience. As I fell behind, creating batches of characters was educational, as to what one can accomplish, and also a discovery of sorts. I came up with some ways to minimize production time, and explored my own process of creation at varying pacing, and with different media. For example, I started with pencil and ink, and great detail, but at some point, I had to try using my iPod’s tiny screen with a stylus. Later I would try borrow an iPad to do the same. Time dictated my method, so to speak. I was able to indulge in digital art to some level, exploring lines, brushes, and colors, as I went along. Now I feel a bit more capable when its time to create something on the run.

I hope you like the slideshow. You can see my final post, with thumbnails, and links to each creation, to be viewed at your own pace, by clicking here.

This was a heck of an experiment for me. Hope you like them. Thanks for dropping by, and don’t forget to have a great art time!

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  1. Some neat stuff. I like em all but enjoy your inked and coloured pieces especially when you pare down the lines!



    • Thanks Jahh. The paring is an inevitable thing when using the brushes that Sketchbook has in combination with the size of the screen (iPod Touch and iPad sometimes). I like it too. Really appreciate you leaving a comment in this my old main blog (which I haven’t touched in some time). It turns out its the only one that had a decent enough slideshow to do this in. 🙂 )
      Thanks again.

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