Ghost of Christmas Future

Hi folks! Been some time since about tools here, but I got a few “COPIC” markers and thought it worth it. Please pardon any pagination/image issues as well. I’m getting used to the changes in using WordPress.

This piece here was drawn for the Tuesday Sketch topic “Scrooge and The Christmas Carol”. The Ghost of Christmas Future doesn’t like to be bothered while on holiday. Click on it for a better view. Anyway, on to the process and tools.

I started this with a quick pencil sketch, then laid some lines down with a Pentel Stylo. Neat and inexpensive pen that lets you draw fine lines, and slightly thicker ones, with its weird little triangular looking tip. Not bad for quick pen fun too.

After some noodling about, I took one of the 4 COPIC markers from the Cool Gray series that I got for Xmas. I’m loving the way it just slaps on the ink. And I only used the brush point (a surprise, because I thought that fine point was a rigid tip). These marker pens also have a chisel tip, very good for filling in values. You can see a bit of the brush action on the darker gray in this image.

Here a little close-up (click on the image). You can see the mixed values using the COPIC, a PITT brush pen with a lighter shade of gray, and more fine lines done with the Pentel Stylo. As well, I used a carbon pencil (the kind you strip off the cover from in a spiral manner) for the foreground/background, just to fill in. I smudged it with cheap paper towel to get rid of the hard lines.

On the left, a close-up of the supposedly future city. After all, the ghost is on holiday, in his own time. I don’t know why, but I like the roughness of close-ups a lot. And the suggested lines as well. Nothing like a the raw look of a pen and tones on paper. I know it’s not “elevated” art work, but the hint of it is something I always liked.

Well, that should do for now. Hope you liked the piece, and the little process that goes with it. As well, I hope it displays well on different screens. I have no idea how this “new” WordPress web interface will handle my old layout know-how, but we’ll see. One thing for sure. I’m getting more COPIC markers. I hope you are having a great holiday season, thank you for dropping by, and wish you an excellent art time.

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  1. Nice – i love this- good job on the markers-

    • Thanks! But I think I’m a newbie with these. The majority of the work was with PITT brush pens. The darkest gray was the COPIC. Glad the COPICS happen to have a brush pen tip too. They bleed like crazy on the sketchbook paper I’m using. I’m sure bristol would work better, but that will be another experiment. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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