Underwater Sand

I’ve been sketching sea topics in preparation for some pieces my wife requested. She’s my #1 fan. And in my exploration, I bumped into something that deserved attention: underwater lighting. The way that light filters and hits objects underwater is very dynamic, and difficult to capture. At least that’s what I think.

Here’s my reference. Some sea stars resting on a tranquil sand bank, bathed by sunlight. I used dark colored pencil and tried catch the light between patches. I have included a close up of both, the reference, and my test. I think some more practice is in order, but it was very educational. Something I had not tried before. I’ll keep updating on the sealife as I test the “waters”.

Comparison. Kind of difficult. I imagine using colors would be easier, and take me closer to the original, but I like the difficulty of using black and white (pencils, or inks). We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Not bad.

    • Why, thank you!

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