I had drawn a sunflower for my wife. It was also a topic sketch for the Tuesday Sketch blog, but that’s not as important as what it is turning out to be. As I may have already stated numerous times, work is taking way too much time from my art time, so I worked on this inking in many sessions of a couple of minutes each, this week. This gave me time to reflect a lot on what I wanted this piece to become. It is a slow brewing experiment, not by choice, but just because there isn’t time enough in my work day lately.

Here’s my original, slightly inked, and missing lots of detail, as you can see from the main image up above. One thing for certain, this week I had time to really study a sunflower, up close. The pattern in the center was hard to figure out, and I still didn’t make the original flower any justice. However, in the process, I managed to give it depth, somehow. My family keeps wanting to touch it. And it seems to pop out of the page. The petals, leaves and stems don’t even compare to the way that center came out. I’m amazed, and feel lucky. Who knows if I’ll ever be able to do it again, but who cares. I’ll give it that sand castle building attitude of not caring because it will be washed by the tide. And I’ll build it again.

My plans for this, still calling it a work in progress, are to color it. But I haven’t decided. I was able to get some good colors last week, using color brush pens, but I’m afraid to try this and mess it up. So I’m going to experiment with scanning, cleaning, and printing the line work unto watercolor paper, and ink paper as well. I will try both methods of coloring. Heck, maybe even digital color. So I’m going to fork out in process, and keep it going. After all, my wife wants to hang it in our living room, as part of a decorating initiative she’s taken on. So this way, I’ll get to experiment, and she’ll be happy doing her thing too. Anyway. I hope you like what you see so far. Thanks for dropping by! Have a great art time (be it minutes or hours at a time).

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  1. hello there, i love your sunflower drawing. would like to use it for my design. is there an email to contact you and explain what i would like to use this for? appreciate your reply.

    • Sent an e-mail.

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