Village Lady

I had an old sketch sitting around for a while in one of my “used” sketchbooks. I liked it so much, I dug it out, and inked it. Little did I know I would have trouble with old graphite. So here’s a little love and attention to the originals (this site, and the old sketch).

Here’s the village lady. A kind of hobbit-like person I would say. I liked her so much that even with all the trouble I had trying to erase old pencil marks, I pushed on to finish inking her. I had no idea graphite would stick so much to the paper after a long time. The original probably has 5 or more months of sitting in the sketchbook, in my office. I used a regular white eraser, and even broke out the “gummy” rubber eraser to try and get the pencil marks off, but they always showed through. Nevertheless, the inking made her pop a bit, and the copic marker shading kind of hid the leftover pencil marks. I guess I didn’t intend to ink it, so I pushed on for the “dark” values with the pencil a bit too much. Oh well. To me, it was worth it. Thanks for dropping by, and have a great art time.

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