Sketchbook Experiment

Hi there! Long time, eh? Time has been a factor. Day job time creeping into my art time. But if you know of me, you’ve probably heard that song before.

A good friend, Krishna Sadasivam of PC Weenies fame, referred to a post by, and about Gary Panter, Gary Panter’s Drawing Tips, where Gary delineated an approach to using sketchbooks that I really liked. Panter listed some steps to get one going with sketchbooks, filling them up, and that also focused on drawing practice. My natural modus operandi, as of lately, has been: start a piece, work on it, dedicate your art time fully to it. With my time constraints, this has not been convenient, and my practice time has suffered. I’ve been learning even less because of this. Panter has a great approach to sketchbooks that in my case, tackle my time problem, and lends itself to aleviate my current situation: very short art sessions. I’m focusing on the first step: sectioning off a sketchbook page into many squares, and drawing anything on them, one by one… namely, from his post: “…name every object you can think of and draw each thing in a box, not repeating…” I didn’t name them, per se, but took each square to draw the first thing I could think of. There will be more, not that I’ll post them all in here, but you may see them if you follow me online.

The next step involves picking one of those objects, and drawing them with your eyes closed! Image that! That will be in the next experiment post. I found Gary Panter’s article very interesting, worthy of a series of experiments here at the lab. So stick around. I’ll try post more frequently. Have a great art time, my friends!

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